Who's with the Deer?



Lilia is like Santa's little helper, but applied to  Dear Baby Deer. So we could say she's the Deer's little helper. It would make sense to say so, because she is little (yet very fierce, like a tiny and deadly Jalapeno) and she does help the Deer quite substantially, with her voice. Lilia was also born in summer. She grew up humming her very own, little itty-bitty-softy-kitty melodies and thinking: "Oh, I wish I could play some instrument, and bring my little songs to life". Alas, she also grew up thinking she had a terrible voice (You know what it's like - the kind of thought that usually goes: "Oh, I wish I had a nice voice - and the guts to sing my songs...oh, poor me, oh, yada yada yada"...). Later on (much later, like... later than..."see you later" that is), she bought a guitar. Happy and inexperienced, she started teaching herself how to play. Ta-da! Lilia's first songs were born... 19 years after she was. Her first album ("Il Pleut") came out in 2010; the second one, ironically titled "44" even though it really is just her second, was delivered in 2014. Lilia is generally euphoric & (or) slightly over-worried. Today, her relationship with music is happily complicated.

G is the factotum behind Dear Baby Deer. He writes,  plays, puts Deers in the right place and, as of lately, he's also been lured into singing. G was born in summer, when summer was really hot and there was not much to do. He grew up thinking Rock' & Roll had to better than everything, and especially better than the stuff people do on Sundays, because the peeps who came out of those gloomy places on Sundays...meh, they didn't seem too happy, On the other hand ...those guys on stage... man, it really looked like they were having some serious fun. So, as a kid, he asked his parents for a guitar, and first they were like "Oh c'mon now, don't be silly", but then they said "OK, yes, but..." and you know, generally, when people say "yes, but..." nothing good is gonna come your way. So, after extensive negotiations, he got his first guitar, with strings attached that is, metaphorical strings, as in "conditions apply"; as for the real strings... well, those were there regardless. He was supposed to learn how to play boring stuff, almost as boring as the stuff people do on Sundays. However, having politely declined, he soon discovered that Guitar + Learn how to say No = Rock & Roll.. Later on (as in: "Oh, man, not now, I'll do it later"...), he developed a fondness for travel, photography, cute animals & their thoughts, and he was slowly drawn to the dark side. Today he keeps traveling, reading (he gets paid for it) and he's really focused on delivering happiness worldwide through Dear Baby Deer. G also thinks it's a wise idea to adopt an animal, whenever possible, with love & care.