Praise for the Deer

Indieshuffle (US/UK) - I have fallen head over heels for this dreamy, delicious offering from emerging UK shoegaze collective Dear Baby Deer [...]. Brimming with rich, textured harmonies and Mazzy Star-inspired fuzzy guitars - a warming, heady combination that more than lives up to the achingly poetic track title. [...]

We Are Going Solo (UK/ITA) - Dear Baby Deer is the new project of Gianluca Spezza, an Italian globetrotter who lived in Toronto, Bangkok, Seoul and is now based in the UK [...] Gianluca has always been à l’avant-garde [...] Teaming up with Lilia, an emerging act of Italian electronic scene, Spezza has created a cinematic, warm sound that fits very well the smooth chase between male and female vocals.

Notes & Vibes (UK) - I am completely in love with their sound [...] Is anyone else astonished at the quality of music and unique sound that they have developed over the short course of this year? After listening to Dear Baby Deer’s newest EP, it’s clear that these guys are swiftly making moves towards the top. The vocals are soothing and reserved, the instruments are unique and impelling, and charisma is pouring out of the speakers.

Feed Me With Your Kiss (US) -  Dear Baby Deer are conjuring spirits from the likes of Red House Painters , Trespassers William, and Madder Rose, but with something fresh and new about it.

Check out this blissful EP

Dance Like Shaquille O'Neal (ITA) - “Nevermind, We Are Not Here”, è il primo singolo tratto da Tryst, nuovo EP di Dear Baby Deer: le percussioni sono ovattate, la chitarra è soffice cuscino che si offre a una coppia di voci sognanti (Beach House, The XX) che sussurrano parallele ma non si sfiorano mai. È un gioco di presenze che rincorrono le dissolvenze, dove la fisicità non esiste o, comunque, non è più.

Red Hot Radish (US) - The flow of this new EP is flawless, one track into the next, each one with a purpose and a meaning, all collectively making a beautiful story.  The music gets into your head, and happily it doesn’t leave... ‘Tryst’ is one of the most beautiful EP’s I have heard.

Troublezine (ITA) - L'incanto è tutto li, in quella prima eterea traccia dell'ep "I Never Thought You Would Come Along". Say Goodbye, It's 1969 è preziosa gemma dai bordi oscurati ma dal cuore caldo e invitante: leggeri arpeggi che trovano ideale fioritura nella battuta sottile della ritmica e nella voce angelica di Lilia. Sogno ad occhi aperti che continua nella successiva Drown, dove ancora è sensibilità dream-pop quella che ci accoglie.